Food For All

Food For All

Join the Food for All Movement!

You are invited to join Dr. Pillai's infinite compassion through the Tripura Foundation's Food for All initiative that bring meals to poverty stricken areas in rural India.

"I want you to feed the hungry as extensively as possible with great love, not just for an exchange of something else. You will do this out of pure love for those souls suffering. " Dr. Pillai, Founder, Tripura Foundation
Food for All Center in Karnataka, India
Serves 200 meals daily to traveling migrant workers and their young children who work in forests and fields with no food or clean water.

Food for All Center in Madurai, India
Home of a fire that burns 24/7 in remembrance of Swami Ramalingam's greatest teaching and serves 200 meals a day to slum dwellers and destitute elders in remote villages.
How to Give Meals
The easiest way to stay committed to feeding those in need is to set up a recurring monthly donation. Or, make a one-time donation to feed meals through 2024.

Step 1: Choose a donation amount that is comfortable for you. For every $1 donated, 5 meals will be fed.

• Feed 200 meals/month at $38
• Feed 200 meals/month for 6 months at $228
• Feed 200 meals/month for 12 months at $456
• Initiate an entire Food for All Center in the name of your family/business*

Step 2: Make your donation through the Tripura Foundation.

Step 3: Receive updates and photos about Food for All feedings and stories.
*Please get in touch with our Donor Relations Manager to discuss corporate or individual sponsorship of an entire Food for All Center:

If your circumstances change, it is easy to stop your recurring donation at any time from your Tripura Foundation account or contact our Donor Relations Manager who will do it for you.

Thank you for being with us every step of the way, and let's all see the vision every day that there is Food for All!