Personal Grand Feeding

Personal Grand Feeding

Personal Grand Feedings are a way for sponsors to give a larger number of hot, protein-rich meals (including chicken and rice or vegetables and rice) in rural villages where there is an extraordinary need. They are arranged solely on behalf of the sponsor.

During March, Grand Feeding distributions will take place Sunday March 10th (IST) during Dr. Pillai’s Birth Star powertime. You can use this time to align with Dr. Pillai’s compassion consciousness and invite in return blessings.

1.Complete your Grand Feeding donation by Mon March 4th
2. Donate in any amount starting at $350 USD

-$350 serves 450 hot meals
-$400 serves 520 hot meals
-$639 serves 830 hot meals
-$1008 serves 1,310 hot meals

3. A Sponsor Support Team member will contact you via email with the location of your Grand Feeding as well as share photos of the feeding once it is completed.

If you have any questions or would like to request a specific date for your Grand Feeding, please get in touch with our Donor Relations Manager at