Hope Learning Stations

Hope Learning Stations

“Hope Stations are the most effective way out of the poverty trap.” Dr. Pillai, Founder, Tripura Foundation.

We warmly invite you to support and empower marginalized children and youth in rural India with Dr. Pillai’s unique educational model, Hope.

Tripura Foundation works with marginalized children in some of the most underdeveloped areas of rural India, where poverty is extreme and the quality of education is low. We provide an opportunity for children to receive our unique after-school Hope education model, a sustainable and long-term solution to empower their future and break the cycle of poverty.

Hope Stations are bridging the education gap and providing a unique whole child-development approach with an innovative curriculum, including Dr. Pillai’s Phonemic Intelligence (PI), nutrition, personal transformation, leadership training, love, and support.

“The 6054 Hope children we work with at our after-school Hope Learning Centers are the heroes of their villages. I have witnessed how each child can impact and enhance the lives of hundreds of people, bringing forward solutions to their community problems. Our alumni are now pursuing higher education and working as professionals. Children have the answer to life’s problems within them- they only have to believe in themselves and awaken their natural intelligence.” Elaine Kueper, Global Director, Tripura Foundation


How to Sponsor

Our Hope Center sponsorship allows you to sponsor one or more children or an entire Hope Center of 40 children. The easiest way to stay committed to serving Hope to children in need is to set up a recurring monthly donation. Or make a one-time donation monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Step 1: Choose a donation amount that is comfortable for you:
• $12 sponsors a month of Hope Station support for 1 child.
• $40 sponsors a month of Hope Station support for 4 children.
• Sponsor an entire Hope Station for $350/mo or $4200 /yr *

Choose your amount. Every $12 you donate supports a month of Hope Learning Station support for one child.

Step 2: Receive a monthly update on our Hope Station program. When you sponsor an entire Hope Station, you will receive a quarterly report, personalized greeting cards from your Hope children, and much love and gratitude through their prayers.

Step 3: Invite and inspire your loved ones, employees, or clients to join you in Hope Center sponsorship as a Team and receive the blessings in return.

Experience the fulfillment of helping a child to rise out of poverty and change their destiny!

*Contact our Donor Relations Manager if you would like to sponsor an entire Hope Station, create a team sponsorship, or have any questions about Hope Sponsorship: contact@tripurafoundation.org